A downloadable game for Windows

Read Between the Lines was created by Orange Studio. Which comprises of Five students from Priestley College in Warrington UK. These are second year and thirds students taking a Btec in Game Design and Foundation Art. This is their first attempt at a Game Jam ran over 4 day by Game Design graduates. They were given 3 themes to choose from and 28 hours directed time to build it.

Read Between The Lines is a game based in a haunted library, the only people remaining are you and the librarian who is behind the bookshelf.. Naked!The librarian is constantly trying to expose herself to you (for some reason..) by knocking as many books of the shelf as she can, the aim of the game is to quickly replace to books to save yourself an eyesore! You are only allowed to let so many books hit the floor before the librarian is exposed to you!, this game is about quick thinking and fast reflexes

Install instructions

Download both Files and press M to start. Play it on high.

Use the mouse to click on any of the books falling from the bookcase. Try to stop the librarian showing all she has.


Finished product.exe 11 MB
Finished product_Data.zip 16 MB