A downloadable game for Windows

Psycarsis by Game Jam 'N' Chill. Which comprises of Five students from Priestley College in Warrington UK. These are second year and third year students taking a Btec in Game Design and Foundation Art. This is their first attempt at a Game Jam ran over 4 day by Game Design graduates. They were given 3 themes to choose from and 28 hours directed time to build it.

Game Name: Psycarsis

Team Name : Game Jam 'N' Chill

Description: Psycarsis is a low poly 3D game in which you play a crazy man who has escaped from a mental institute. You have one minute to destroy as much of the city as you can before you're caught. You can use various powerups to help you along the way, but be careful, they can hinder you too.

Install instructions

Download both Files in order to run. Play on High!

Use the a arrow keys to control the car around the streets to smash into the cars, lamp posts and buildings. look for the power ups.


Psycarsis1.3.exe 11 MB
Psycarsis1.3_Data.zip 10 MB