A downloadable game for Windows

Alien Escape was created by PCM Studio. Which comprises of four students from Priestley College in Warrington UK. Keelan Fitzsimmons, Declan Metcalfe, Callum Wightman and Daniel Derbyshire are second year students taking a Btec in Game Design at Priestley College Warrington. This is their first attempt at a Game Jam ran over 4 day by Game Design graduates. They were given 3 themes to choose from and 28 hours directed time to build it.

Initial description of game:

You are an intruder at Area 51, you are trying to capture as many aliens that are roaming the facility as possible so that you can prove to the world of the alien existence present on earth. The government guards are trying to stop you from completing your objective so you have to avoid them by using the portals that provided and around the complex. You will have to stop the aliens from entering their spaceship. If 5 aliens enter the ship it will be game over for the player.

Description of gameplay:

To catch the aliens you will use your net and the portals dotted around Area 51. You will be constantly chased by the guards of Area51 and as you progress through the game more and more guards will spawn to try and catch you because you are becoming a bigger threat to the secrecy of alien presence on earth. You will have to run away from the guards chasing you and you are aided by the placement of portals around the area, using these portals will give you a chance at getting further away from the guards and to catch more aliens. On the side of the area there is the spaceship, this spaceship is where the aliens will try to run to at different points of the game. If five aliens get into the ship the game will be over.


Alien escape_newphysics.exe 10 MB
Alien escape_newphysics_Data.zip 5 MB