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Hipster Zombie by Pay By Card Inc. Which comprises of 4 students from Priestley College in Warrington UK. These are second year and students taking a Btec level 3 in Game Design. This is their first attempt at a Game Jam ran over 4 days. They were given the theme "Coffee Dreams Zombie Screams". They had 28 hours directed time to build it.

Description: Defend the Coffee shop from wave after wave of Hipster Zombies and Trendy Activists. Use you coffee cup bombs and Coffee Bean bazookas to turn them back into normal people again.

This is working Prototype, there maybe be bugs we plan to fix and an update will be available soon. This is what we had at the end of the Jam. Hope you enjoy.

Install instructions

you will need the exe file and data file to make it work


Hipster Zombies.zip 18 MB