A downloadable game for Windows

Bottle the Band was created by Headspin Studio. Which comprises of Five students from Priestley College in Warrington UK. These are second year and third year students taking a Btec in Game Design and Foundation Art. This is their first attempt at a Game Jam ran over 4 day by Game Design graduates. They were given 3 themes to choose from and 28 hours directed time to build it.

The story revolves around the journey of a bottle being thrown over a mosh pit into a band which are performing badly. Our main character is a traditional old man who doesn't like the modern metal music so throws the bottle in disgust. You must navigate the bottle through obstacles such as crowd hands and thrown objects, and at the end, hit the band and stop the music, for the love of metal.

Install instructions

Download both Files in order to run. Turn Volume Up!!

Use spacebar to make the bottle dodge the fans, aim for the bouncer at the end to turbo boost and knock the band over.


Bottle The Band.exe 11 MB
Bottle The Band_Data.zip 18 MB